Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Dear Stress...

Remember, that stress can trigger OCD symptoms as well as anxiety symptoms of panic attacks and uneasiness. So, let's try to buffer the stress in our lives with pleasant interruptions to keep the symptoms at bay.
Take a walk outdoors if possible.
Treat yourself to a lunch or dinner out, alone, with a friend or significant other.
Buy yourself a small gift. It can be as inexpensive as a lipstick or a bookmark.
Listen to upbeat and uplifting music.
Stay close to the positive people in your life. If that's not possible, seek the wise words of such people online on blogs and web sites.
Reach out and help someone in need.
Join a small group...book club...prayer group...Bible Study.
Treat yourself well. (Just because we feel unwell at times doesn't mean we have to neglect ourselves...appearance, eating habits, exercise.)

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