Friday, February 12, 2016

Watch the Sweets

     This weekend we celebrate Valentine's Day. A big part of the celebratory fun is sweets...candy, cupcakes, and the like. Some of us will receive a heart full of chocolates or treat ourselves to one, or to some of the other Valentine sweet goodies we see in the stores right now.
     A piece of candy or two, or a decorated cupcake for the occasion is fine. But to overload on any of the sweets available to us will not be doing much good to alleviate OCD symptoms.
     Sugar can make us hyper and cause anxiety. It can also make us extremely tired and lethargic the next day, even depressed. Sugar overstimulates our adrenal glands, thus the aforementioned side effects.
     If you do overdo it, drink plenty of water. The eight glasses recommendation is fine, but do not substitute coffee or any other caffeinated beverage for water. That will only add to anxious feelings later on since caffeine is also in the chocolate goodies we will consume. Anxiety can trigger OCD symptoms. And that wouldn't be too much fun on Valentine's Day or the day after.
     If you usually treat yourself to a confection on Valentine's Day, try switching to flowers. A single rose is a beautiful gift to ourselves or to another. Or a small box of candy with a few pieces of chocolate (a little Valentine heart) instead of a big one.
     And if you are the lucky recipient of a large chocolate filled heart, share your goodies with friends or family so that you don't end up eating all of them. If there's no one around to share with, then freeze them to keep for a special one-piece treat now and then.
    Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day. 


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