Thursday, February 18, 2016

Getting Ready for Spring

     Spring is a 'coming out' of sorts, when we shed heavy coats and see more people out and about.
And this can cause some of us with OCD to become anxious just thinking about it. Why? Because it's as if we come out of hiding. The nicer weather bids friends and relatives to lure us out to going with them to parks, lunches, weekend getaways and so forth. These activities might bring us to face certain OCD fears that the OCD 'bully' will place in our minds.
      Best thing to do is ready ourselves now. Envision ourselves out and having a good time in the nicer weather. Come up with strategies on how to face the fears and enjoy the change of season.
     Buy a few new pieces of clothing to make 'coming out' a festive occasion.
      Eat well to better arm the body for stressful attacks in our attempt to move forward into the
next season and some of the new things it will bring.
     Make some tentative plans for things you like to do. They don't have to be big things. Little jaunts, short visits, spring events in the local area.
     Every season holds its own wonders. Don't let OCD put a halt to beautiful experiences. But always remember, as you plan... 

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