Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Soothe Yourself Reminder-

It's still early in the week and sometimes if OCD symptoms are persistent, we are tired and weary as if we put in a whole week already.
Remember to soothe yourself, despite OCD activity in your brain.(It's just a bully so treat it like one.)
Find time to soak in a warm bath, or

Relax with a favorite soothing song, or
Take a walk in a pleasant environment...along the sea shore, a lake, the local park...
Make time to pray and/or meditate.
Do some exercise, mild or vigorous. Whatever works for you.
Have lunch or dinner with a friend to break up the monotony and socialize a bit.
But remember to eat well. No sugar or caffeine. No processed foods.

DON'T LET OCD wear you down to the point of ignoring care for yourself.  A little pampering goes a long way to renew your spirit and enthusiasm to live fully, despite having OCD.
Tell the OCD bully that you come first and no fearful thoughts or compulsions will stand in your way.

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