Thursday, November 19, 2015

Is it a Real Fear or Not?

     Aconfusing aspect of OCD is the veracity of the fear. The question being: "but isn't this is a very real danger that I fear? It's not an OCD issue."
     Top OCD specialists tell us that at least ninety percent of our fears are based on very real issues. It's not the particular issue that points to OCD but it's our reaction to the particular issue. There is always a risk that not washing our hands can allow for some germs. This is a fact. We wash our hands when we can get to it and forget about it. The OCD bully tells us that once is not enough, that it may be too late because the germs have already settled in. Wash again and again and again. That is entering OCD territory.
    When fear becomes a constant source of anxiety and the main focus of our thoughts, no matter how legitimate it is, we can recognize the OCD bully at work.
                             -In part taken from the book: Confronting The Bully of OCD

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