Monday, September 21, 2015

New Week New Challenges...

Each week can present different challenges, depending on mood and circumstances. If last week was easier and this one seems more difficult right at the start, don't despair. Being anxious will only worsen or trigger OCD symptoms and more anxiety. We can take measures to stay on an even keel and get back to feeling a sense of calm and minimal fear.
1- Eat well. Weekends often lead us to eating what we normally do not eat during the week. Be it wine, beer, sweets, extra caffeine, etc. So it's a good idea to DRINK LOTS OF WATER now and get back on track.
2- Find a Goal - Having a goal - a project - something we want to accomplish - (no matter how small) gives us an incentive to get past challenges. To step beyond symptoms and fears.
3- Tune in to the positive things. The new seasonal items, smells, scenery. 
Those things we good book...talking with a close friend. Putting out a few of our favorite things...a colorful pillow or small painting. Whatever little activity causes happiness and a good feeling.
And remember to keep talking back to the OCD bully of your mind. It has no power to ruin your week if you stand up to it...hands on hips...and say to all those threats..."OH YEAH??? Ask me if I care!!"

It doesn't matter if you don't 'FEEL' the strength you are dishing out to the OCD 'bully' - just act 'as if' you do. Eventually, the OCD mechanism in the brain will be tricked by it.

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