Monday, September 28, 2015

It's Reset Time-

New week. If the OCD thoughts, anxiety, and/or compulsions are in full gear, it's time to reset the brain.  Give it a jolt by welcoming the symptoms with sarcasm and an "I double dare you" attitude. Remember, this disorder can be likened to a bully of the mind. Treat it that way.
Talk back to it, resist the fear to not do something or go somewhere because of some 'thought' that creeps in to scare you, or threaten...such as, 'If you don't do that, then this will happen,' or 'if you do that, something bad will happen.'
WHO CARES, is the best answer to feed to the bully of OCD to disarm the cycle that is so often part of the suffering.

Have a good Monday and week with less or no OCD bullying..

Monday, September 21, 2015

New Week New Challenges...

Each week can present different challenges, depending on mood and circumstances. If last week was easier and this one seems more difficult right at the start, don't despair. Being anxious will only worsen or trigger OCD symptoms and more anxiety. We can take measures to stay on an even keel and get back to feeling a sense of calm and minimal fear.
1- Eat well. Weekends often lead us to eating what we normally do not eat during the week. Be it wine, beer, sweets, extra caffeine, etc. So it's a good idea to DRINK LOTS OF WATER now and get back on track.
2- Find a Goal - Having a goal - a project - something we want to accomplish - (no matter how small) gives us an incentive to get past challenges. To step beyond symptoms and fears.
3- Tune in to the positive things. The new seasonal items, smells, scenery. 
Those things we good book...talking with a close friend. Putting out a few of our favorite things...a colorful pillow or small painting. Whatever little activity causes happiness and a good feeling.
And remember to keep talking back to the OCD bully of your mind. It has no power to ruin your week if you stand up to it...hands on hips...and say to all those threats..."OH YEAH??? Ask me if I care!!"

It doesn't matter if you don't 'FEEL' the strength you are dishing out to the OCD 'bully' - just act 'as if' you do. Eventually, the OCD mechanism in the brain will be tricked by it.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Change of Season Can Trigger Symptoms-

     No one knows exactly why the changes of season can cause anxiety and/or OCD symptoms to worsen, but for many of us, that's the case. The reasons don't matter as much as how to deal with it.

    It seems the best way to cope is to make it a point to enjoy the positive side of each season. Now we are entering AUTUMN. Yes, our days will shorten and darkness will fall sooner, but that is also an opportunity to cozy up with our reading and a nice cup of tea, or settle down for a good movie. Even get to bed earlier to greet a new day sooner.
     Remember to take note of the beautiful changes in the colors of the leaves, and the abundance of apples and squashes in the supermarkets and at farm stands.
                                            (Photo by author)
     Take a ride along some country roads to enjoy the autumn foliage, or take a walk in your local park.
     Enjoy some apple cider, a low -sugar pumpkin spice latte, pr low sugar apple pie.(Sugar is a no-no for anxiety, so be mindful of that.)
     Cook up some baked apples and enjoy the scent of apples and cinnamon in your home or apartment.
     See what autumn festivities are available in your area and attend one...or several.
     Treat yourself to an autumn decoration - some are quite inexpensive and can brighten a spot in your living area.
                                  (Photo by author)    
     The air becomes cooler now but not cold enough to keep us indoors. Get out and ride a bike, take a stroll, or drive the car with the windows open and enjoy the autumn breezes.
      The anxiety and/or OCD symptoms might still be there, but we can push them to the background while we make every effort to enjoy the new season. And during those enjoyable moments the bothersome symptoms might actually disappear!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Get Some Help...

If you cannot find a therapist or afford one, there are numerous helpful books on OCD.
Confronting The Bully of OCD, is one of them. Written by a sufferer of OCD using the techniques taught to her by an OCD specialist.