Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Tips for Anxiety-

Anxiety is part of life, but when it interferes with living, we need to tone it down.
OCD is often accompanied or triggered by anxiety. Sometimes the very nature of the obsessive thoughts are the cause of great anxiety and keep the obsession strong, or lead us into rituals and compulsions. We mistakenly think that giving into a compulsion will lessen the anxiety, but in the end, it doesn't, because the OCD 'bully' tells us that once is not enough, check again, wash again, avoid another thing or situation, etc.
The best thing to do is to stay calm. HA! This sounds like impossible advice to many of us, but there are ways to increase serenity and decrease anxiety, even if just in small degrees.

1- Don't be rushed. Allow extra time in the mornings to shower leisurely, eat relaxed, and dress with ease.
2- Consume healthy foods and beverages that will keep you calmer. Ditch the caffeine and replace coffee and tea with herbal teas. Replace sugar with pure Stevia. Avoid sugary snacks and chocolate. Stick to fresh fruit and raw nuts.
3- Exercise. Even if just a little. Walk instead of driving. Get off the bus or train a few stops ahead of time to get some walking in. Stretch. 
4- Meditate. This one might seem difficult at first due to the intruding thoughts and restlessness. Start with just a ten minute goal to sit still, breathe deeply and empty your mind. Ignore the thoughts. They are just passing through.
5- Pray. Looking to a higher power can help take off some of the burden and fears from a particular struggle or challenge. Find a quiet place or church as your place to go for some time of peace.

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