Thursday, July 2, 2015

Extra Triggers over the Upcoming Holiday Weekend?

IGNORE THEM. How?  Just imagine any fearful unpleasant thoughts as a movie playing in the back of your mind. It's there. You can even see some of the visual images your brain concocts, but you don't give it your attention. Just as you would if that were the case with a real TV playing at home by someone else and you not paying it much mind as you cook, read, or study.
Remember, they are just 'thoughts' passing through your mind, even the ones urging you toward compulsive behavior. It starts with a thought.  Laugh at at and let it play on like the 'record' that it is. Eventually, as in the old days, a record wears out. It will not play endlessly.
Have a wonderful OCD-Free Fourth of July Weekend.

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