Monday, July 13, 2015

A New Week-


    A new week can be viewed with anticipation or with dread, depending on OCD symptoms. The key is to start with a positive attitude and a belief in oneself to be able to fight back disturbing or fearful thoughts, along with any compulsions or rituals.
    We are stronger than we think. Bullies prey on those who lack confidence and who cower. It's the same with OCD.  If our brain cowers and recoils, the OCD moves in all the more stronger and regularly.
Talk back to the OCD the way one talks back to a harrassing bully.
Stand up strong and face the OCD 'bully.'
Make fun of the threats or warnings the OCD bully throws your way.
What's the worse that could happen? Write out a humorous scenario of your biggest current fear.
     Stay calm and smile despite the OCD.  Have a good week.

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