Monday, June 8, 2015

Still Procrastinating?

   If you've been following this blog, and/or reading snippets on how to overcome OCD and have still not taken steps to move forward toward feeling better, then it's time to to do so.
     Procrastinating is only stretching out suffering for a longer period of time than is necessary.
     Sometimes, as odd as it seems, we get accustomed to the state of mind we are in, even if it's unpleasant. The reasoning can vary...anything from knowing what we are dealing with (as opposed to any new discomfort) to being fearful of facing the task at hand required to break free from the grip of OCD.
     This week, why not seriously consider taking steps toward confronting the bully of OCD? Give it a try. Here are some suggestions:
Look for a qualified therapist who specializes in OCD in your area.
Look for online OCD support groups.
Go to web sites of OCD therapists such as:
Join the International OCD Foundation and/or check out their web site at:
Get my self-help book, Confronting the Bully of OCD, for additional resources of help and a technique toward being free of OCD.
    It isn't easy to begin a challenging journey, but it's worth it. One day at a time.

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