Friday, June 12, 2015

Put the Bully Down!

Put the bully down already! 
How long would we put up with a real flesh and blood bully harassing us each day?
If you are a parent how long would you allow a bully to torment your child?
So, why do we allow the bully of OCD to keep on badgering us day in and day out? Why are we afraid of this particular bully of the mind?
Remember, talking back to a bully and daring him or her to do the threat surprises and disarms the bully.
Typical Bully Scenario:
Bully:   "I want your lunch money now or I'll punch you in the face."
Victim: "Oh yeah? Go ahead. Make my day!"
OCD Scenario.
Bully:    "If you don't go back and check the stove, your house will explode."
Victim:  "Oh yeah? Good. I'll make some headline news today."
Talk back aggressively and sarcastically to any fearful thought that the 'OCD bully' throws your way, and have an enjoyable fear-free weekend.

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