Monday, June 22, 2015

New Season - New Attitude-

                                                (photo by author)

It's officially summer. A good time for a new start if you slacked off in fighting back the 'bully' of OCD (or any stress producing or worrisome thoughts.)
Roll up your sleeves, so to speak, and begin anew.
If you are weary from anxiety and failed efforts, take it slow but don't give up.
Cut back on sugar and caffeine. Exercise. Get enough sleep. Be kind to yourself.
You are NOT the OCD.
You did not cause it.
It is not uncommon.
You aren't crazy.
That said, it's important to stand up to the fears that enter your mind, no matter how obsessive, and how many. The way you would stand up against a real bully. Treat each fearful thought the same, even if some seem scarier than others. It's just the 'bully' in your brain trying to trap you. Give these thoughts an "Oh yeah??? Go ahead! See if I care?" response. Talk back to the bully. For instance:
"What's that? Something will happen if I don't wear the blue shirt today? Good. I look forward to the excitement!" 
"My house will burn down if I don't check one more time if I left the iron on? Oh well, I can use a new house anyway."
"Hah! So what if there's thousands of germs on the train. I'll become an immune power house." 
"Yep. I'll make a fool out of myself when I give that talk tonight. I can't wait to have a good laugh."
You get the idea...
So, no matter if you are 10 or 90 years old, today is a new start.
Don't be fearful.
You are stronger than the OCD bully or any thoughts that bring on anxiety and/or panic.
Lets stick our tongue out at them, and have a good start to the summer.

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