Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Can't Emphasize Enough-

We are what we eat indeed.  Whatever we ingest can make us feel better or worse.

I myself, love Starbucks Chai Latte made with coconut milk, but it has to be an occasional treat because the caffeine and sugar rev me up, and a person with OCD doesn't need to be revved up. So, I make my own Chair Latte at home with coconut or almond milk, and use Stevia as a natural sweetener that doesn't
mess with my blood sugar. 
Ironically, most of us drink beverages with caffeine and sugar to perk us up, not to calm us down.
But in our case, we don't need the extra jolt. This is not to say we do not feel sluggish in the morning or at mid day and could use some extra energy. So what then?
Many of us, myself included, do not drink enough water. It's important to stay well hydrated. Try for six glasses of water a day. Upon rising each morning it's a good idea to drink one full glass or even two, of plain cool water. Freshly made fruit juice is a good refreshing pick-me-up beverage also...pure juice, not ones with added sugar. Or fresh vegetable juice.
At work or after school, try a crisp sweet apple for an afternoon snack and skip the doughnut, candy bar, or any sugar-infused product. And now that the warmer weather is upon us, there are more colorful sweet fruits to choose from, such a luscious sweet strawberries, plump blueberries, rich deep pink sweet watermelon as well as delicious peaches and nectarines.
As with any food, it's best to not overeat. Fruit contains natural sugars that do not jump start our adrenalin and blood sugar, so it is a healthier choice. However, the sugar is still metabolized in our bodies. So, it's best to eat a moderate amount of fruit, one or two pieces and not overindulge, even though it is a better option.
Avoid all soda, even the sugar-free kind. The artificial sweeteners are no better than sugar. A good choice as a substitute is fruit flavored sparkling water, like the kind made by Poland Spring. No sugar or artificial sweeteners are added and they have a nice fruity taste in various flavors.
 The better shape our nervous system is in, the better able we are to face and fight back the 'OCD bully.'


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