Thursday, April 23, 2015

What Else Do You Do?

What else do you do....besides focus on OCD? 
Sometimes we become so 'involved' in our symptoms that we forget who we really are...what we enjoy...who we like to spend time with.
 So, today, jot down some of the things you enjoy. They don't have to be big things...even if it's a tasty cup of coffee (make it decaf.) Or the sound of rain on the roof. Jotting down these things helps us to see that we are more than the OCD issues we are dealing with.
If some of the things on the list are activities you enjoy doing, such as walking along the beach, or going to a cafe'...then why not do one of them this week? 
Let the OCD Bully in your head know that YOU are in charge of your life, and that you are more than the fear, rituals, and compulsions you might be caught up in at present. None of that is who we are.
Repeat after me: "I AM NOT THE OCD."

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