Saturday, April 11, 2015


 Try to remember that just like with anything else, there will be setbacks and different struggles to confront along the way.
Will I ever be fully rid of the OCD bully? Who knows?
During a setback I become depressed and feel hopeless.  But this is the case for most people with any setback, whether it be with athletic training, improving one's health, dieting, or trying to quit smoking or drinking.  It that were not the case there wouldn't be an AA or other support groups for various issues.
We all need our tool and sources of encouragement to get us back on track.
Accept that setbacks will happen and try again.
Keep a low stress level when possible.
Be kind to yourself when feeling anxious.
Try not to give into an obsessive fear (or compulsion0 you have already conquered.
Remind yourself: "It's out of my control."
Make a decision: "No turning back.'
From the book: Confronting the Bully of OCD

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