Monday, April 20, 2015

Review and Do-

  This week we can put into practice most of that we've pointed out in this blog...
1- Face the OCD bully in your head - the way we would face a real bully we are fed up with.
2- Talk back to the OCD bully by daring the bully to do the fearful thing. Ex: Go ahead - make my day!
3- Exaggerate the outcome of OCD fears to the point of it sounding ridiculous. Ex: "Yes, if I don't check one more time, the whole world will be affected by it. It will be in all the papers."
4- Do something the OCD bully is telling you not to do (step on a crack - wear a certain color - touch something - drive somewhere - travel on a train or bus, etc.) Do it and enjoy it.
 5- Pick one obsessive fear and confront it. Ex: "If I do this then something bad will happen." - Do it anyway! Over and over. Prove the OCD bully wrong, despite the fear you might feel in doing it.
   And throughout the week - treat yourself nice. Buy yourself a little gift. Eat a special treat. Get pampered with a manicure. Have a warm soothing bath at home. Buy yourself flowers, a new DVD, or a new accessory like a tie, sunglasses, a pocketbook, or key chain.
Just a small reward for coming this far and to celebrate your courage.  

Suggestions taken from the book: Confronting the Bully of OCD

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