Friday, April 24, 2015

Ignore the OCD Bully Over the Weekend-

     Will the OCD bully plan your weekend for you?  Or are YOU in charge?
      Sometimes, if we can't get the OCD symptoms to clear out, we just have to decide to do what we want to do WITH the OCD right there with us. It's like the OCD bully turns on a TV show in our mind to annoy and taunt us. It's always there running in the background while we go about doing what we need or want to do. The key is not to give it your full attention. Let the 'show' play on with all its images, warnings, and suggestions, while you do something else.
      Many times, in getting involved with other things, such as an activity or meeting up with a friend or relatives, the OCD bully's 'TV'show' seems to just turn off. It might come back on later, but there are times when it is totally gone when we ignore it and focus on something else.
       So, don't sit alone and ruminate or hide away due to the OCD symptoms this weekend. Keep talking back to the OCD Bully, ("Go ahead, try to ruin my weekend!") Pay no heed to the ongoing fearful thoughts and/or compulsions, and do something enjoyable.

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