Friday, April 17, 2015

Do Something Different this Weekend

Many time OCD traps us into the same old routine when we have time off from work or a weekend to ourselves. We are too fearful to venture into something different or new. It seems that the OCD bully is always there with us, ruining any chance of a pleasant time.
How about ignoring the OCD bully's threats and doing something different this weekend?
Depending on where you reside, the season of spring might be showing its colors and new growth. A visit to the local park can be a nice change and way to enjoy the seasonal change.
See a new movie, whether alone or with someone else.
Attend a free concert or one that is affordable.
Browse a bookshop or a favorite kind of store.
Have lunch or dinner at a type of eatery you've never tried before.
Make some popcorn and invite a friend over to watch a movie.
Visit a zoo.
Visit a different area of your city or town.
Whatever you do doesn't have to be anything really big, but just something to break routine, especially if that routine in done out of fear/OCD issues. And then afterward, to be able to say, "I had a nice time." 
Wishing you an OCD-free good weekend.

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