Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Dietary Change List- Fights OCD

Sugar and caffeine can spike anxiety or bring on a low mood a few hours after ingestion.
Highly processed foods cause sluggishness and weight gain. None of these are helpful for OCD symptoms.
Instead of:    
white bread            - eat whole wheat or grain bread.
white pasta             -wheat or rice pasta
white rice               -brown rice (instant okay.)
processed cereals   -oatmeal, grits, shredded wheat (stevia, a tad of honey or pure maple syrup to sweeten)
candy and sweets   -dates, figs, raisins, fresh fruit, raw nuts, sour dough pretzels
soda                       -flavored seltzer
processed meats     -fresh turkey, lean roast beef, water-packed tuna, hummus, all-natural almond butter
fried chips               -baked chips
sugary jellies           -naturally sweetened preserves
roasted oily nuts      -raw or dry roasted with no oils or sugar added
sugary juices           -all natural 100% fruit juice products
chocolate                -carob
coffee and tea         -decaf coffee or herbal and decaf tea
Sugar                     -Stevia, pure maple syrup or honey very sparingly in coffee, tea or on cereal.
From the book: Confronting the Bully of OCD
Note: Children and teens often eat too many sugary snacks. Keep some sweet healthy fruits in the house such as Delicious apples, watermelon, ripe strawberries, etc. as an incentive to substitute a processed sugary treat with a natural wholesome one. Frozen banana chunks are a hit with both children and adults.

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