Saturday, April 4, 2015

Coping with Seasonal Triggers...

For some reason many people who suffer with OCD seem to flare up during a change of season. Perhaps it's because change can trigger anxiety, or a new season brings with it new expectations and/or responsibilities, or even adventures.
Spring certainly is a season of being out and about. This alone might seem daunting to some. There are even those who say that while they like the season of spring, being more on 'display' due to lack of heavy coats and hats, make them feel self-conscious. It could be about their weight, their clothing, or just being more 'out there.'
Instead of focusing on what causes anxiety, which will feed OCD and increase obsessive thoughts and compulsions, lets try to hone in on the positive aspects of a new season. The OCD 'bully' hates positive thinking and would rather us crouch in fear and let the beauty of a season pass us by.
Not happening, right? Right!
If getting out more is one of your OCD triggers, start small and opt for short outings. Maybe a walk in your neighborhood or in a local park. Take note of the new growth of tree buds and flowers.
If possible, buy yourself something that coincides with spring. 

A pastel nail polish, a light colored tie, colorful sneakers or a bright cap. Let colors lift your mood.

We don't have to hide because we have OCD. It's like any other condition...people with arthritis do not hide, nor do people with diabetes. The bully will tell you "That's true, but they don't have odd crazy symptoms." Talk back to the bully and disarm it.  "That's what makes me so unique. It's fun being crazy." Don;t cower to any suggestion or negative reminder of OCD.
Enjoy the new season and know that you are on the road to being free from OCD.

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