Monday, March 30, 2015

Strength for the Week-

If you've come this far in reading and still have not taken any steps toward confronting the OCD bully, then it's safe to assume that you are reading solely to gather more knowledge about OCD. While gathering knowledge is commendable, not putting that knowledge to use is in effect, wasting it. And this is what I find to be true of most of us with OCD. We know everything there is to know about it yet we remain stuck there. We do not take it one step further and use the knowledge to make ourselves stronger and the OCD bully weaker.
From the book: Confronting the Bully of OCD

If the OCD is attacking you - here are a few simple things to feel stronger facing the new week:
Realize that one part of your brain is able to think clearly no matter how convinced the other side is about your fears and need to do rituals or compulsions.
Be willing to say 'NO' to something the OCD is telling you to do or not to do in order to feel safe. (You'll feel anxious doing this but later you'll feel stronger and more in charge.)
Do something nice for yourself today. Buy flowers. Have a special (healthful) treat. Browse a favorite store. You are NOT a bad person because you have OCD. It's a disorder not who you are.
Know that if you forgot about the OCD even for one minute, that this means you can (and will) forget it for longer periods of time...hours, days, weeks, etc.
Smile in the face of the OCD bully, even if you feel scared, overwrought and weary. The act of a smile brings hope and can actually change our mood.

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