Thursday, March 26, 2015

'Pure-O' OCD

OCD symptoms vary and one kind doesn't mean anything worse than another kind.
 Some of us have what is called 'pure-o' OCD. This means we don't have any specific behaviors such as avoidance or compulsions, we just have unpleasant thoughts.(Others have a mix of all kinds of OCD.)
     The thoughts can be very disturbing at times, ranging from thinking something bad will happen on a certain day or at a specified time, to thinking we might physically hurt someone, or lose control and freak out in the movies or a library. Perhaps the thought of running down people with our car comes to mind. And many times, the thoughts come out of the blue and frighten us big time.
     We wonder, why would I think such a thought? Do I really want to do that?
     The thing to remember is that the brain can conjure up fantastic thoughts, and just because we 'think' a horrible thought, doesn't make us horrible people. 'A thought is just a thought.'
     Cognitive Behavorial Therapy works for ALL kinds of OCD symptoms, including the 'pure-o' kind. So, if this is your type of OCD symptom, look at the thoughts as OCD bullies, and talk back to them...dare them to go through with the terrible deed. "Oh yeah? Go ahead. Make my day!"  Or exaggerate the response to the thought..."Not only will I scream in the movie theater, I'll run around naked and take 'selfies' and send them into all the newspapers."
     Cringing in fear at the frightening, sometimes unexpected, thoughts that pop up in our minds only gives them power. Just like a bully.We need to confront the bullying thoughts head on. "Oh, you again. Like I'd  ever believe anything You'd have to say!"
                                            "Give me your best shot!"

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