Wednesday, February 4, 2015

OCD and Creativity-Go For It!

 While OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) usually runs in families and is claimed to be, in most cases, a genetic disorder, it’s no coincidence that a great number of highly creative, artistic people suffer from this disorder.
            The most logical explanation is that such people have minds that never stop creating, observing, and analyzing. OCD is the hallmark of the analytical mind. Artists, musicians, writers, filmmakers and inventors…many suffer or have suffered from OCD. We can assume that we know about it simply because the lives of celebrities and notable persons are out in the open and such issues make their way to the media.
            This is not to say that people who are in the ‘arts’ or strive to create something new each day are destined to get OCD, and that those who are not overly creative, will not.  OCD is not picky.
            The point is that having such a disorder doesn’t mean that one is crazy, lacking in character, or intelligence. Some of the most brilliant minds have been afflicted by OCD.
            This also shows us that regardless of having this disorder, these people went on to invent, entertain, and contribute beauty, wisdom, prosperity, and new technology to the world.
            Those of us who suffer with OCD can do the same in our own little corner of the planet. Whatever it is we do, be it, parenting – teaching – writing – singing – nursing- dancing – building – driving – acting – photographing – ministering - farming, etc. We can do it well despite having this disorder, because we are not the OCD. 
           We need to just 'go for it' and give it our best shot, no matter if OCD comes along for the ride.
            Following is a list of just some of the creative people who have or have had OCD:

Albert Einstein  

Howard Hughes
Nikola Tesla
Donald Trump

Michael Jackson
Billy Bob Thornton
Leonardo DiCaprio
Cameron Diaz
Howard Stern
David Beckman

Justin Timberlake
Jessica Alba
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Howie Mandel
Martin Scorsese
Julianne Moore

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