Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Cabin Fever OCD

Many of us who have a tendency for OCD symptoms flare up a bit when confined indoors, whether due to being sick or the weather. This is mainly due to too much time on our hands, or boredom. The mind will create its own entertainment, not always to our liking.
      Surprisingly, many creative people have OCD...musicians, writers, artists...So, besides creating masterpieces of art,  there is the creation of some pretty wild OCD thoughts and compulsions. (More on that in another post.)
       Others, who do not tend to be creative, might latch on to something fearful in the media while online or watching the News. Or, while reading a novel or scanning channels on cable, this outrageous fearful thought or an old ritual comes crashing in, and sticks like a fly to fly paper. Ugh! Don't panic.
     The key is to not remain idle. For example:
 Call friends.
  Chat online.

  Cook up a tasty dish you never prepared before.
  Exercise. No treadmill or exercise bike?  Put on music of choice, and walk briskly around the house, up and down the stairs, etc. to the beat for 20 to 30 minutes.
Start a journal and vent to it.
 Watch or read something that will make you laugh.
Take a look at the serious face you see in the mirror and smile back at it. (Stop being so serious about this.)
 Treat yourself special...manicure nails, moisturize skin, put on something funky, get colorful (whether age 12 or 80.)  Being stuck at home with OCD flare ups, can sometimes lead to not caring about how we look.
  Drink enough water and reduce sugar and caffeine. (Not many attribute this to aiding OCD flares, but sugar and caffeine make for a hyper body and brain.) We tend to indulge in sweets and caffeinated beverages when idle and stuck indoors. OCD loves this. Use decaf coffee and other sweeteners such as Stevia and Agave. 

 Breathe in some fresh air. Go out on the back or front porch, or in front of your building, and take a few breaths of air. Or just open the window and do this. A couple minutes of some outside air will invigorate and refresh.
  Pray. Prayer can often remind us that we are not alone.We are connected to something greater than us, and to others in our lives who also connect to this Source. I love the feeling I get in church when praying the Our Father along with everyone else, and when singing a beautiful song of praise together. I am not just 'little ole me' but part of every person there and something greater. If you are not religious or spiritual, just let yourself be connected to the universe and all its many wonders.
    Don't Let the OCD Bully You Today.  :)

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