Monday, December 15, 2014

Self-Help Gift-

This is gift-giving season. If you know of someone suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, add a self-help book as one of their gifts. Might be the most beneficial one that person receives.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tip of the Week

Sometimes those suffering with OCD and/or anxiety issues can experience flare-ups from all the busyness and expectations for merriment during this time of the year. It's an emotional month.
It can mean more visiting, crowds at the stores, supermarkets, and bittersweet memories of past  holidays. A scent can even trigger a reminder of something painful or very cherished. Whatever it is, the emotions come into play. How can they not with all the tender TV holiday commercials, festive decorations  and songs on the radio and throughout many stores, as well as what is seen on the Internet?
Let the emotions soar up and down as they will and do something personal just for you - something you enjoy for the season. It can be a series of little things...marshmallows in hot chocolate, browsing the latest toys in the stores, writing a letter to a dear friend, or taking a ride to see the lights on various homes. 
And if the chaos of the shopping part during this season grates on your nerves, remember that there is online gift shopping. However, a little mingling with the shoppers during this time of year can be uplifting, especially if we keep in mind the 'reason for the season' and bring in the spiritual aspect of it into our lives. 
Attend a church service during this season.
Purchase a gift with care for a needy child or lonely friend/relative. 
Cook a meal to donate to a center or church for the homeless in your community.
Bring candy or cookies to a nursing home.
Decorate a room or two in your house or apartment, even if you live alone. A small Christmas tree, a Nativity set, and/or some fresh pine in a vase.
And don't forget to buy yourself a gift with a sense of gratitude.