Thursday, October 2, 2014

Stuck? One Step At A Time...

  It's not fun to be stuck with a frightening obsessional thought or a ritual/useless behavior, that one can't stop doing. And it's even less fun to be criticized or scolded for it.
   1- Realize that unless one experiences the exact suffering, one cannot know the exact nature of a situation. Being angry at others for their attempts to help is wasted energy and only adds stress, which fuels OCD.
    2- Like it or not, the best way to relief, is to face and fight back the fear and compulsion, as if it is a cruel tormenting bully. Go ahead, take the chance! What have you got to lose?  Talk back to your fears. Dare them! It's surprising at how liberating it is to finally face those inner threats, like the bullies that they are.
    3- Easier said than done? It sure seems that way. One step at a time, is the key.  For example, if it's a matter of being afraid to get on a bus or train (the reason doesn't matter - germs, terrorists, whatever) then just walk to the bus stop or train station for starters...for a day or two. Then on the third day get on the bus or train, for one stop, and get off. Do this until the anxiety begins to lessen.  It might take a week or more.


It will be a feat accomplished toward winning back freedom from OCD.  

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