Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Have Seasonal Fun Despite OCD-

      (Photos by author)

Autumn can be a drab depressing time for some. Shorter days, leaves falling from the trees, and vacation time ended. But it can also be a wonderful fun time of enjoying the colored leaves, autumnal treats, and brisk cooler weather.
Choose the positive side of the season, not the negative. And don't let any obsessional fears put a damper on having some good experiences this season.
Think of things to do that will lift your spirits, even if you are having symptoms of OCD. Fight back, and get out and enjoy the season anyway.  You'll be glad that you did.
Here are a few things you can do to chase the OCD obsessions away, or at least distract you from them...
  Take a walk in a local park and enjoy the changing colors of the trees and the refreshing temperatures.
  Visit a farm stand and pick up a pumpkin to brighten your space. (Neighborhood fruit stores also sell pumpkins and mums.)
  Make a pumpkin or apple pie.
  Treat yourself to some apple cider, available in many stores this time of year.
  Boil up some water with cinnamon and apple peels to give a wonderful seasonal scent to the kitchen.
  Check to see if there are any farmer markets or green markets coming to your area and go to one.

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