Sunday, September 23, 2012

Seasonal Changes Can Be A Trigger-

    It seems that a change in the seasons tends to trigger OCD symptoms in a number of people. Some of us are more sensitive to the oncoming of spring and summer, while others are more sensitive to the autumn and winter approach.
    If the latter is your sensitive time, put some plans into action now.
    Get out in nature and enjoy the autumn colors. Don't let the cooler weather keep you indoors.
    Cook some comfort foods of the and/or pumpkin pie, stew, apple cider, zucchini bread, and other goodies. If you make your own you can control the sugar content in pies and breads.
     Gather some reading material - good novels and favorite magazines. Also some good movies. These will help distract you from your thoughts and/or fears. Stay clear of dark or depressing stories.
      Make plans to socialize with several friends or just one for coffee or to a favorite eatery or event. Getting out on the shorter darker days will keep you in a brighter mood.

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